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CIA markets a wealth of data products which are updated timely, together with services and tools that help clients use information correctly to address specific business issues and decisions.

  • Macroeconomic Data

    We offer a wide range of Macroeconomic Data covering the nation and 120 individual cities in China that enables clients to have an overview on development conditions at city and national level. Clients can view and analyze key real estate development data from many perspectives, such as by specific property types, by land development or by fund resources. We also organize and present Real Estate Indices to suit the specific needs in plotting growth cycle of property market.

  • Land Auction

    To help clients estimate investment value and evaluate optimum land lots, we have been tracing over 180,000 land lots throughout: Announcement→ Auction→ Project development→Sales→ Completion. We offer data updated once the land plots are listed. Clients can assess the land plots on general features and transaction data like sale status, transfer type, buyers, land area, price, etc. Our services enable clients to integrate data with their own development targets and apply it to specific business issues and situations.Our service covers more than 300 major cities.

  • Property Transaction Data

    Our Research Teams update transaction data timely to cover four property types in China, Residential Buildings (New Home and Resale Buildings sperately), Commercial Buildings and Office Buildings. Clients receive real-time data on transaction volume, sale price, project distribution, etc. and analyze by property types or geographic area. Our service is available in 80 cities.

  • Property Developer Information

    We are helping clients to understand the company file, market share, and financial data and analyze the profitability of property developers. Clients also use company files, financial data, investment activities, sales of properties, and location distribution from our databank to find development potential of specific developer and reduce risk of investment. To meet the clients’ requirements, we track financial, property development, and management information of 130 leading property developers nationwide.

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