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About China Index Academy

Who We Are

China Index Academy (CIA) is the largest independent property research organization with more than 15 offices nationwide. CIA has been aiming at providing comprehensive and accurate property/land data in a timely manner and generating key market insights for our valued customers. Currently, we have experienced research teams to cover real-time transaction data in 300 cities across China.

What We Do

Authoritative Data

Providing the most accurate and comprehensive property data, CIA has a set of internationally recognized house price indices and authoritative databank. Besides, CIA endeavors to add value to client’s business by transferring the property market data into more transparent information, thus to provide foreseeable insights to client’s business.


Research Reports

CIA publishes regular research reports, designed to address the situation of property market and House Price Indices in 100 cities. And we also tailor research reports to meet individual client’s needs. Some clients’ requirements are idiosyncratic and depend on a particular organization’s specific and strategic goals. In this case specifically, customized research may be necessary, e.g. specific research reports, detailed market studies and reports.



Our Professional Team. We have over 1000 researchers and 500 qualified analysts to cover real-time transaction data in 300 cities across China.

Comprehensive Databank. Our databank has recorded more than 180,000 land plots,100,000 residential projects, nearly 50,000 commercial buildings.

Authoritative Data Source. We have built closely cooperative relationships with National Bureau of Statistics of China, State Housing Management Bureau, Real Estate Trading Center, and other government institutions.

Extended Data. We are tracking land transaction data over nationwide 300 cities and property transaction data covering about 80 major cities.

Update Timely. Our experienced researchers and analysts are tracking property data and activities in a timely manner.

Widely Recognized Indices. CIA developed a set of house price indices widely regarded as China's most authoritative and influential real estate indices, including the House Price Indices in 100 major Chinese cities (HPI-100).

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About Soufun

SouFun Holdings Limited (NYSE: SFUN) is the leading real estate Internet portal and home furnishing and improvement website in China in terms of the number of page views and visitors to its website in 2009. Through our website, we currently provide marketing, listing and other value-added services and products for China's fast-growing real estate and home furnishing and improvement sectors.

We have built a large and active community of users who are attracted by the comprehensive real estate and home furnishing and improvement content available on its portal that forms the foundation of its service offerings.

Our user base has also attracted numerous customers, which include real estate developers, real estate agents and brokers, property owners, property managers, mortgage brokers, lenders and suppliers of home furnishing and improvement products and services. Our diverse offerings and broad geographic coverage have resulted in an active and dynamic online community that provides an effective and targeted channel for advertisers to market their products and services, and serves as a centralized source of information, products and services for consumers interested in the real estate and home furnishing and improvement markets.

SouFun was founded in 1999 and has expanded organically since then into more than 100 cities in China.

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